SEO Advertising and Digital Marketing are More Important than Ever! Here’s Why!

In April 2020, the New York Times, CNBC, and Washington Post traffic has increased by more than 50%! (Source: The New York Times) Yes, the coronavirus changed the internet for everyone. Any type of content that needs the internet witnessed a surge in their consumption.

Statista conducted a global survey in March 2020 and revealed that 35% said that they read more books, 18% listened more to radio shows, more than 40% spent more time on social media and messaging apps, and 50% watched more news.

Seeing all these findings, we can now safely conclude that while people maintained a social distancing, but they were closer to the internet than ever!

Now let us see through the lens of COVID-19 and understand the importance of SEO advertising and digital marketing. It is true that many industries witnessed their website traffic plummet.

But if you think that your business doesn’t need SEO anymore, then you are wrong!

This post will explain why you need SEO more than ever and understand – how this pandemic can impact search traffics and why SEO is more important now? This post will shed light on these burning topics and more. Let us begin.


We are sure that many will assume that the importance of SEO is more right now than ever because people are on the internet almost all the time. Yes, the SEO is still important, but let us understand that the “high usage of the internet” doesn’t refer to online search exclusively.

With online searches, it also includes a number of activities like mobile apps, social media, movies, or shows streaming, gaming, virtual meetings, electronic transfers, and more. Obviously, we are not saying that online searches have not increased.

Search volumes certainly increased, but the focus is more on news, health, and relevant industries or information. Most possibly, this resulted in a plummet in the traffic of websites of the nonessential websites.

Therefore, we should consider the industry type –

  • For essential and relevant businesses, SEO practices are important to stand out as well as get chose over their competitors in the search results. The best SEO processes can be discovered at
  • For temporarily closed and nonessential businesses, SEO would seem less important now.

However, these do not undermine the importance of SEO, and they are still essential, especially for the SMBs in today’s scenario.


The above points were to just point to the fact that the type of industry matters, but there are facts that still make SEO important despite the decline in search traffic of various websites. Let us take a look at them –


Yes, it has been trending for a long time, and now it feels like forever. Although it can be assumed that it will have repercussions in the long run, it is not going to be the most searched topic forever. Ever-going questions that your customers have related to your industry will continue to stay relevant years after the solution of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are not minimizing COVID-19, and we agree that it is a major, ongoing, and serious issue until now. It is just to make a point: over time, COVID-19 and related topics will subside. The decrease in the volume of search terms containing the term ‘COVID-19’ indicates that people will soon go back to their persistent queries.


You can write about the trending topics and relate them to your industry or business, but the traffic to these pages will eventually decline over time. The chances are less that these pages will always rank high.

On the other hand, blogs or articles written on topics that are evergreen and relevant to your niche will always stay relevant and continue to get you traffic with time. Therefore, you should not stop publishing content that deals with persistent and evergreen issues.


Contrary to popular belief, SEO’s purpose is not just to increase the traffic to a website, but to improve qualified traffic. When you think about it, you would realize that users who find your website via search engines are interested in the knowledge or offer that they think they would get on your website. SEO ultimately aims at a better future of your business by bringing in highly qualified users and potential customers.


With proper SEO advertising and practices, you can gain the trust of users from the search engines, and you can only achieve this through consistent output over time. SEO doesn’t promise significant gains in just two or three months; however, you can achieve plenty in the long run.

If your content talks about the relevant topic, it will improve your page’s ranking over time. According to Ahrefs, only a percentage of pages that got a position in the first place on Google is actually less than one year old!


As you read earlier in the post, many websites suffered low traffic, but not search engines. Users who listened to radio programs now check Google for news and updates. Voice assistants have stepped up and are gaining popularity among the older generation. All these prove that people’s reliance on search engines is growing and has improved a lot since the outbreak of COVID-19.


According to a study conducted by HubSpot, companies, or businesses that publish more than 16 blog posts every month generate more leads as compared to those companies that publish four or fewer blog posts.

Users do not become customers instantly; it requires multiple encounters or visits. Informative articles and blog posts will help you build trust with your potential customers. Now that people are spending more time on the internet, the chances of users coming across your website are more.

Good SEO advertising, practicing, and digital marketing will ensure that your potential customers find your website easily on the search engines.


Here is a quick recap –

  • Search will remain significant even after the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • There’s no bad time for publishing persistent, relevant, and evergreen content.
  • The COVID-19 gives you a competitive edge, given the fact that people are spending more time on the internet.

With all the points mentioned in this post, we can conclude that SEO advertising, practices, and digital marketing are still relevant and important in the times of COVID-19.

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